Frequently Asked Questions


Submitting Images, Artwork, Logo's or Photo’s etc 

To upload a file to It’s For You, here are a few guidelines to help.


Images / Artwork/ Logo's ...

Vector artwork is preferred if possible.

Upload your print ready artwork with cut lines in any of the following acceptable file formats: 

.CDR / .EPS /.AI /.PDF (sorry no MAC files)

JPG files are also accepted if over 300dpi.

Fonts need to be converted to curves or please include the font and/or font installation file in the file/s uploaded to our website ie: through a zip file.



Please upload photo's in any of the following acceptable file formats: 


Please note for optimal upload of a photo, use photos of between 400KB and under 1.5MB in size.

Files under 300KB in size could produce poor print quality, and files over 2MB may take a long time to upload. 


Can't Upload? 

If you have slow connection speeds or any other issues that are making it difficult to upload your files directly on the website, you can also email us.

1) Complete your order on the website

2) Use your order no as the reference in the subject of the email

3) Submit your ready images, artwork, logo's or photo’s in any acceptable format (see above guideline) to